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About us

Sev.en Commodities AG is a trading company of the Sev.en Energy group which operates on European commodity markets and continues to successfully develop its business activities. Sev.en Commodities AG is based in Liechtenstein, holds the licences and registrations necessary for commodity trading and is a member of the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET).

It provides trading of power, coal, emission allowances and currency derivatives for existing companies of the Sev.en Energy group. Sev.en Commodities AG is ready to support group expansion activities.

Sev.en Commodities AG was established on 28 August 2017 under the law of the Principality of Liechtenstein and is entered in the Commercial Register (Handelsregister) under Reg. No. FL-0002.554.740-9, VAT No.: 60 481.

"We have an ambition to develop our business activities on the European commodity market further"

Jiri Bartl,
Executive Director
of Sev.en Commodities AG


Top management

seven commodities

Jiri Bartl

Executive Director

Jiri is applying his experience from the coal and electricity trading in managing the company. His international experience and analytical view provide a clear direction and vision of commodity trading on a European scale.

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Michal Skalka

Executive Director
Head of Branch Office

Michal leads Sev.en Commodities AG, which took over the trading activities of Severní energetická and Sev.en EC. He is building on the long-standing business tradition of the group in the Czech Republic. Michal Skalka has extensive experience with commodity trading in Central and Eastern European markets. His task is to develop commodity trading at European level. His experienced team also participates in market analyses and business outlooks.

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Zoltán Kiss

Executive Director



Power trading

Sev.en Commodities AG trades in power and emissions allowances on European wholesale markets through power exchanges (ICE, EEX, EPEX, SPOT) and brokers and on the basis of EFET agreements with trading counterparties.

Trader ID:
LEI Code: 529900DTB9L3WM24JG95
BDEW Code: 9978601000003
EIC Code: 12X-0000002006-W
ACER Code: A0014772W.CZ
EAN OTE: 8591824291931

The business activities of Sev.en Commodities AG also include production optimization, hedging and dispatch control within the Sev.en Energy Group. These activities are provided for Sev.en EC, a.s. power station in Chvaletice (installed capacity 820 MW) and for Teplárna Kladno s.r.o. heating plant (installed capacity 588 MW), which has its plants in Kladno and Zlín. For these activities, Sev.en Commodities AG has established a branch office in the Czech Republic.

“The creation of a central commodity trading unit is crucial to effective utilisation of the group’s energy assets and margin maximization. We aim to provide the group with professional energy trading services and grow our hedging and trading activities on a European scale.”

Michal Skalka,
Executive Director
and Head of Branch Office

Coal trading

Sev.en Commodities AG is an active coal merchant providing trading, price hedging and production optimisation of the two coal companies of the Sev.en Energy group. These are the joint stock companies Vršanská uhelná and Severní energetická, located in the Czech Republic.

Sev.en Commodities AG has taken over all the existing business contracts of the above coal companies, with the exception of the long-term contract between Vršanská uhelná a.s. and ČEZ, a. s. For these activities, Sev.en Commodities AG has established a branch office in the Czech Republic. The company produces mixtures for the electricity and heating industry and graded coal.

seven commodities seven commodities
seven commodities

Emissions allowances trading

Sev.en Commodities AG trades on the ICE emissions exchange (futures and spot transactions). In the Sev.en Energy Group it provides the necessary quantity of emissions allowances for the production of Sev.en EC, a.s. power station in Chvaletice and for the Teplárna Kladno s.r.o. heating plant in Kladno and Zlín, with total installed capacity of 1408 MW.

Commodity trading in numbers

1408 MW

Generation capacity

12.2 TWh/2018

The volume of electricity traded


Number of employees


Number of operating units


Registered office:

Sev.en Commodities AG
Zollstrasse 82, 9494 Schaan,
Principality of Liechtenstein

E-mail: info[at]7commodities.com
Phone: +423 233 1130
Fax: +423 233 1132

Corporate headquarters location:

Bank details:
Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
Städtle 44
P. O. Box 384
9490 Vaduz
IBAN: LI3408800555754072002

Branch Office:

In the Czech Republic, Sev.en Commodities AG conducts its business through its branch office, Sev.en Commodities AG.

Sev.en Commodities AG, Branch Office

Registered office of the branch: V celnici 1031/4,
Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

E-mail: info[at]7commodities.com

Phone: +420 222 183 111
Fax: +420 222 183 497

Branch office location:

Power, coal and emissions trading:

Trading: trading[at]7commodities.com

Confirmation: confirmation[at]7commodities.com

Scheduling: scheduling[at]7commodities.com

Trading Operations: operations[at]7commodities.com

Fax: +420 222 183 493